How it works

After selecting a subscription to our Company Information Database services you can access data and reports on all companies allocated to this specific service type for 1 year, until the expiry of your subscription, which naturally you can renew.

For all the companies in this category you can view and download a Company Report on each company, and you can export the company lists to csv, Excel, and pdf files, well as print.

The data provided is the most actual on file

If you require a specific company updated, or a credit report on the company you can order the report over our offline services. Please note these services are charged separately.

Product Valid Price Order
Swiss Banks more info 365 days CHF 685.00 Add to Basket
Swiss Energy more info 365 days CHF 685.00 Add to Basket
British Companies in Switzerland more info 365 days CHF 790.00 Add to Basket
Swiss Companies in Britain more info 365 days CHF 870.00 Add to Basket
Hong Kong Private Companies with Investments more info 365 days CHF 31,000.00 Add to Basket