Corporate Documents

Worldwide Company Documents can be ordered over our services, covering Annual Accounts, Certificates of Incorporation, Articles or Statutes and extracts from the Company Register etc, all where available.

We perform name checks to verify if a company is registered in a jurisdiction, plus various other services on request. In addition, we can arrange for notarised copies and, if required, documents with an apostille for use in different countries. Please contact us for prices on these additional services.

The types of documents available from a company register vary by country.

When you select a country the documents available are indicated.

In most english speaking countries the company registers and documents are similar in structure to the UK system, however in many countries there are no requirements to file financial statements with the annual returns.

Companies in EU countries are required to file financial statement.

The content of such official extracts can vary depending on the jurisdiction. Such documents are be provided in varying formats depending on the country of origin and generally documents will be in the local language.

If you have any specific questions please contact us - we will be pleased to answer your questions

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